EnigmAfrika is an Economic Interest Group (EIG) that was established in 2020, with the aim of promoting regional integration, financial inclusion, sustainable grown and prosperity in Africa through research, capacity building and trade.

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EnigmAfrika is an Economic Interest Group (EIG) that was established in 2020, with the aim of promoting regional integration, financial inclusion, sustainable grown and prosperity in Africa through research, capacity building and trade. EnigmAfrica operates on a for-profit basis and is funded by 8 startups, compagnies, organizations and funds from Eastern, Western and Sourthern African regions. EnigmAfrica works with the private sectors, governments, regional integration bodies and civil society across the continent. EnigmAfrica main office is in Kinshasa, the Democratic Republic of Congo. Operations and offices are quickly expanding to Kampala (Uganda), Nairobi (Kenya), Lomé (Togo), Dare-es Salam (Tanzania), Johannesburg (South Africa), Lilongwe (Malawi), Adiss Abeba (Ethiopia) and Lusaka (Zambia).

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EnigmAfrika is the co-founding partner of the DRC Social Innovation Summit (DRC-SIS) :www.drcsis.com and is contributing to the DRC Social Innovation Fund, an impact investment fund aimed at promoting research, building the capacity of African social innovators, promoting an impact invest movement across the DRC and Africa and piloting social entrepreneurship initiatives throughout the continent.
Building from the diversity of nationalities and richness of expertise from our founding companies and organizations members, we set ourselves as a unique-in-kind and first growing pan African economic interest group. We develop and expand our focus to strap up the capacity and potential of local and regional ventures, capitalize the opportunities and benefits provided by the energy transformation, Information and Communication Technologies (ICTs), trans-boundaries trade, physical infrastructures building and reconstruction and financial inclusion. Inspired and guided by the Ubuntu Philosophy and the collaborative leadership model, we use the for-profit business model to address our most stressing community problems: sound poverty, high unemployment rates and upward environmental problems.


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EnigmAfrika is committed to promoting African prosperity and inclusive growth through research, capacity building and trade. Our RERPR program aims at facilitating Action Research (AR) and Project Feasibility and Evaluation Studies (PFES), supporting Economic Recovery Initiatives (ERI) and undertaking Trade-based Policy Analysis and Reform A(TPARA) across the African continent.

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EnigmAfrika believes in the power of information, human empowerment, and institutional support for trade and business success. Through our Venture Building Facility program (VBF), we help earlier stage and emerging corporates understand trade and business concepts, build their products and services, and achieve their dreams. We support individual startups, companies, and organizations to develop and transform their business ideas into real businesses, products and/or services externally, internally, or both.

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EnigmAfrika believes that the prosperity and economic grow of Africa largely depends on native people’s ability to create and sustain strong, for-profit, and responsible local and transboundary businesses, friendly intra-continent collaboration networks, innovative access to markets platforms and trade ecosystems that encourage and expand local and regional supply value chains and grant trust and effective corporate management and leadership.

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EnigmAfrica is conscious of the transformative power of information and communication technologies in facilitating trade, impacting corporate behavior and operational efficiency, and development outcomes. Our ICT4TD program provides companies and organizations with technology solutions and products that facilitate trade and contribute to community development.

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EnigmAfrika’s companies and organizations members are experts in soft and physical infrastructures design, building and reconstruction. Our PIBR program aims at improving the quality raods, ports and borders to facilitate trade and logistics services as well movement of people across the African Continent. We support roads, transport and related physical and soft infrastructures projects by providing technical advices to project owners or embarking onto implementing phases.

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EnigmAfrika believes in the local food production and agribusiness operations that are sensitive to the environment. Our AGRIBET program is aimed at promoting food security in Africa through trade and development of innovative agribusiness products and energy solutions that preserve the environment and are affordable.

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This program is aimed at promoting access to safe and affordable water, hygiene, and sanitation for all African households. Through the SWASHA program, we build water drilling systems, distribute first class water management and revenue distribution equipments. We also support and implement hygiene and sanitation projects.

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EnigmAfrika believes that our development challenges cannot be addressed by philanthropy, government or Official Development Assistance (ODA) support alone. Whereas private capital and support are strongly needed, creating sustainable impact requires innovative Public -Private partnerships. Our PPPSF program is envisaged to be the catalyst that is missing in the larger infrastructure financing Public-Private Partnership market in Africa.

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